“How Could This Have Happened Here?” Asks Nation That Chose Vile Narcissist To Lead It

As the true extent of Wednesday’s events sink in – during which the US Capitol was forcefully taken over in order to successfully interrupt one of the most important functions of government – people are now asking themselves how this could ever have occurred to the greatest democracy in history.

“If only there been some kind of sign this was coming – like a previous right wing gathering in which someone died.”

Others were dumbfounded that, given there was advance knowledge something could happen, high levels of security were not in place to prevent it – especially since events over the summer had shown Federal authorities were more than capable of bending impassioned crowds to their will.

“It’s almost as if there were different rules for different people – but that obviously can’t be as everyone is equal in America. So confused!”

Those that turned to history books to study the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis found plenty of indications of how that came about, but no useful lessons that could help them understand what amounted to a violent coup attempt in their homeland’s crucible of democracy.

“The situation in 1930s Germany was simple to comprehend as there were self-interested business leaders and conservative politicians willing to indulge Hitler under the false assumption they could control his worst impulses. But in the United States we’re just clueless as to what took place!”

With no rational explanation for how a gang of thugs was able to occupy the seat of power of a nation with a $600 billion annual defense budget, people became philosophical.

“I guess sometimes bad stuff just happens without any rhyme or reason. It is what it is!”


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  1. When Germany surrendered in ww1 the people were told they were abandoned by the government. Hitler convinced them he could get their self respect back by blaming others. Talk radio and Fox News convinced these people they lost their self respect but Trump could fix that and blamed others. The poorly educated are easy to influence and these people think a GED means you are highly educated.

  2. Every time someone brings up the comparison of Trump to Hitler his followers become indignant, but I’m in total agreement with you. If Trump had been given 4 more years as President I believe he would have manipulated a means to stay in power beyond two terms. This country narrowly avoided seeing a dictator assume power.

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