Kim Jong Un Explains Long Absence “HBO GO was free last month”

Following rampant speculation that he was in a vegetative state or even dead, Kim Jong Un has returned to public life after being seen opening a fertilizer plant. The ruthless despot explained the reason behind his disappearance that had the whole world talking.

“HBO GO was free last month due to the pandemic.”

Kim said he returned to public view now because content like The Wire and Veep was no longer free and he couldn’t justify paying the subscription.

“Fortunately I got far enough along in The Wire to find out what happened to Stringer Bell and I hear the next season is about kids anyway. BOOOOR-ING!”

He does admit he has some curiosity about Marlo Stanfield and is hoping someone can send him the complete VHS boxset.

“I like the character though he does seems a little tame.”

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