Local Broadcaster Wendy Bell Named A Finalist For The National Karen Award

In yet another glorious moment of national recognition for Pittsburgh, local broadcaster Wendy Bell has made the shortlist for a major honorific – the National Karen Award. The yearly prize is given to the biggest Karen based on actions over the past 12 months. Contrary to popular belief, having the name Karen does not help you win, so Ms Bell is not at a disadvantage according to organizers.

“This is all about acting like a Karen, and not being named after one.”

The citation nominating the former WTAE newscaster, former KDKA Radio talk show host, and former member of the WJAS morning lineup notes Bell’s well known opinions on matters of the day as well as her overuse of the phrase ‘fruited plain’ and her ability to work the fact that her husband is a doctor into every conversation. Though there is a popular vote component to the contest, the vast majority of Bell’s audience will not be eligible.

“In the interests of being independent we do not allow other Karens to participate in the voting process.”

Bell faces some stiff competition this year from Trader Karen, Costco Karen, and that jagoff at Giant Iggle who causes a whole bunch of trouble because she won’t wear a damn mask for fifteen minutes. Though technically only actions from the last 12 months are considered, Bell’s Karening prior to the current COVID-19 pandemic can only help her chances according to insiders knowledgeable in the ways of advanced Karenhood.

“The fact that she was already spouting all that “Make It” stuff back in 2016 proves she’s a longstanding Karen, and not just some opportunist latching on to a trend.”

If Bell wins and puts Pittsburgh on the prizewinning Karen’s map, locals say it could lead to even bigger things for the Steel City.

“Who knows? Someday people all across the fruited plain may say that person who insists their freedom to not wear a simple face covering occasionally is more important than people not dying is such a Wendy!”

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  1. All you outraged Karens need to take a chill pill. NO ONE is talking about you. You seem to assume that we non-Karens believe it’s really about people named Karen. “Karen” is a stand-in name, just as “Hitler” is a stand-in name for Chump.

  2. Wendy should get a Lifetime Karen Achievement Award.

  3. She has it in the bag. No one more fitting. Loved the article!

  4. LOL! Look at all the Karens in the comments!

  5. Karen Welding-Brown | July 27, 2020 at 9:49 am | Reply

    Her name is Wendy not Karen. Please leave us out of it.

    • Sadly, it’s too late. That cat is out of the bag. At least the article suggests that the expression could change to “…is such a Wendy!” I don’t associate people named Karen with the behavior of karens. You’re good!

  6. For those of you who think that it shouldn’t be called the National “Karen” Award, lets just call it the Biggest Asshole Award. I think that describes Wendy Bell and the other nominees well.

  7. The fact that this award exist is sexist. Call the woman whatever you like, but stop using proper names to describe behavior. Karen is not an adjective, nor is Becky, Janet, Kyle, Kevin, or Chad. Just stop it. Maybe there should be an award for the rudest organization and you should receive it.

  8. My mother’s name is Karen. She is one of the most kind human beings in the world. She doesn’t complain about the hijacking of her good name but I can see the hurt in her eyes. I am here to speak up for the real Karens of the world who do not deserve the vitriol thrown at them just because they were given the name Karen when they were born. It’s not funny. It’s poor journalism. Please called the abusers by their own names. Thank you from a worried daughter.

  9. What a mean, sexist, devisive and hateful promo! I’m disgusted with this ‘media company’ and what it stands for. America needs kindness and unity right now, not more finger pointing and contests that promote hate. Besides that, the use of’Karen’ in this way is a punch to one-third of an entire generation of American women born over a 20 year period. Do you really believe white middle aged women are the root of all of our problems or do just believe in muzzling women. WTF?

  10. Until about two weeks ago, I thought the Karen reference was alluding to the Karen from Good Fellas.

  11. Stick your misogynistic crap.

  12. This is repulsive. Millions of women named Karen doing nothing wrong and on a daily basis the name is associated with racism, bad behavior, violent outbursts and substituted for terms such as racist, b*tch,c*nt, among others. Maybe take a minute to think about how this stupidity affects others. Maybe take a minute to consider that there are women out there named Karen that already struggle with self-esteem, mental abuse and mental health issues, who can be detrimentally harmed by continuing to see and hear their own name smeared, bashed and affiliated with negativity every day. If you say,or even think, well that’s HER problem because she should know she’s Karen, not A KAREN. YOU are the problem. Karens are moms, grandmothers, sisters, daughters…is this what you’d want for your daughter? Let’s stop with the Karen nonsense already. #REALKARENSAREBETTERTHANTHAT

    • You’re not even a KarEn. LOL LOL LOL Have a drink, Koran. You are so easily triggered. It would be a blast to fnck (sic) with you in person! LOL LOL LMAO!!!

  13. Shame on you! You have absolutely no idea how much this hurts those of us that are actually named Karen. These women have names and none are Karen. My using my name you are hurting/bullying us! Shame on you bully, Wendy Bell. Bet your MD is proud!

  14. Wow. You do know that calling these people Karen hides their real name? So a million innocent woman named Karen get harassed because of their name while the people who actually act like this get off scott free. That makes sense…..

  15. I have spent years sticking up for people of color, the LGBTQ community, “millennials,” Felicias, and the list goes on. I wish we would call people out for their behavior using adjectives, not people’s names. Let’s name the award after the recipient each year or give it some other clever name.

  16. Sorry to say, these people are not really named Karen and there are many of us with that name who find these comments and awards nothing short of name calling and harassment. Those people deserve to have THEIR real name used, to be called out. But we know ratings and clicks pay the bills so I’m guessing you won’t care. There is a backlash to real Karen’s happening. As my mom always said, “It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt!” But, I know, I’m just being a Karen.

    • You lose all credibility when you claim that NO Karens are assholes and bitches. Not all Karens are, but there are just as many named Karen as named Tina. LOL LOL LOL

  17. I can’t believe she still has a job! Ahh that’s right, her husbands an MD!!

  18. No one deserves it more!!!!

  19. She is so deserving of this award. She will be so proud as she says again. “My husband is an MD”

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