Male Feminist Supporting Women By Striking Today And Every Other Day

(Monaca, PA) Today is occasion of the ‘A Day Without a Woman’ strike, in which women who can afford to are withdrawing their paid and unpaid labor to promote proper recognition of their important contributions.

It is also a day on which one of their greatest champions, local man Jake Rowland of Monaca, is happy to join them in a show of solidarity. That is because – despite having a penis – Jake is an arch feminist who does everything he can to support women, which includes going on strike with them today.

“I will not betray my oppressed sisters by going to work today, nor will I perform labor of any kind.”

Such is his devotion to their cause, the women in Jake’s public and private life swear he was striking in support of them long before it ever became an organized event on social media.

“Funnily enough I can’t remember a time when Jake wasn’t withdrawing his labor in our name.”

Jake’s greatest fear is that this day, like so many other noble ventures, will quickly fade from memory once it’s over. That is why he feels it is so vitally important to keep the protest going.

“As long as inequality persists, you can consider this feminist on strike.”

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