Mobile Upstart NSA Cellular To Offer Unlimited Worldwide 7G Data Plan

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In great news for all Americans who use phones, new mobile upstart NSA Cellular is offering a service plan that blows every other one out of the water. Not only does their $10 per month plan offer unlimited talk and text, it also provides power smartphone users with unlimited 7G data. This new entry to the marketplace, which operates out of Maryland, already had a strong pedigree in fiber-optics and global satellite communications, but has, up until now, been content to collaborate with the major players like Verizon and AT&T. However, recent changes to federal oversight regulations convinced the communications organization that it was time to enter the commercial marketplace for themselves. Industry experts say switching to NSA Cellular’s one-size-fits-all plan is a ‘no brainer’, both in terms of speed and savings.

“$10 a month for unlimited talk text and data with no chokeholds? Sign me up! And forget 4G LTE – NSA Cellular has blown right past 5G and even 6G to offer hyperfast 7G, which I didn’t even know existed until today.”

Not only can you transfer your old number, it’s positively encouraged.

“Transferring all your old data is a breeze. Just bring in everything you have – old phones, hard drives, etc. – to your local NSA Cellular store and they’ll do it for you in the backroom. For free!”

Some circumspect technology journalists have suggested there may be stiff hidden penalties for those not disciplined enough to make regular payments. But NSA Cellular’s Vice President for Customer Services, who also happens to be a full Colonel in the U.S. Army, explains that would go against their philosophy.

“We don’t believe in penalizing our customers at NSA Cellular, so we won’t disconnect your phone or data service just because you happen to be late on a payment, or never make any at all.”

Another feature that is sure to bring a smile to techies who also own tablets, laptops and other WiFi enabled devices, is that NSA Cellular allows unrestricted tethering.

“Dump that broadband connection right now, because you can make your NSA Cellular device a home hotspot and route absolutely everything through it.”

But, hard as it is to believe, the amazing benefits don’t end there.  Unlimited international calling is also included.  Though many other carriers advertise free international calls, says don’t be fooled, because their plans aren’t a patch on what NSA cellular has to offer.

“Some other carriers may advertise free international calls, but, while they may be fine for phoning Ireland or Germany, good luck trying to get decent call quality if you’re phoning someone in South Sudan or the Hindu Kush.”

NSA Cellular guarantees your phone connection will be so crystal clear you could hear literally hear a pin drop, anywhere on the planet. And their “Friends across the World” promotion means that every NSA Cellular phone number is toll free for anyone overseas to call you. In case you still have any doubts, this is how sums up this new service.

“We cannot see a single drawback to this wonderful new plan being offered by NSA Cellular. Each and every American should sign up right now.”

*Plan subscribers may be subject to rendition at any time.

*Plan subscribers may be subject to rendition at any time.

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