Ousted Netanyahu Asks Trump If He Can Borrow Mob To Storm Knesset

Ousted Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu spoke with former President Trump at his Mar-a-Lago residence today with a special favor to ask.

“I would be most obliged if you would lend me your Capitol Riot mob, Mister President, so I can use it to storm the Knesset and hopefully hang that terrible human being, Naftali Bennet.”

Netanyahu is also keen to learn how a butthurt former political leader can contest an election that had a clear result that places it beyond any rational doubt.

“I need to know how to dispute a flawless result that is factually beyond question. Teach me, Sensai!”

To deal with his immediate situation of being in opposition, Netanyahu plans to meet with Mitch McConnell to learn how to blatantly obstruct the party in power for no reason other than personal animus and a desire to wield as much power as possible purely for its own sake.

“He said first I have to be willing to cause immense harm and suffering for no reason other than to stoke my own ego and further special interests. Fortunately I think I can do it!”

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