Potato-Growing Industry Collapses Following Closure Of The ‘O’

Image credit: "TheDirtyOinOakland" by TheZachMorrisExperience CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons

The potato-growing industry basically admitted defeat today saying it had no choice but the shut down and find something else to do.

“The coronavirus slowdown was bad enough but the news out of Pittsburgh has effectively finished us off.”

The sudden collapse occured after word leaked that the Original Hot Dog shop in the Oakland section of the city had closed for good.

“One order of ‘O’ fries required whole acreages of our product, so the news that it’s gone is frankly devastating.”

At this point all they can hope for is that some other visionary restauranteur opens up an establishment that serves individual orders of french fries by the shovel load.

“Our thoughts are also with all those drunk people at 3am who will probably starve to death now.”

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  1. Great memories! PITT and BIG ‘O’

  2. What a landmark..I remember when…great memories!! Pitt and BIGO graduate.

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