President Trump Disconnects Laptop From Web To Protect It From Coronavirus

(The White House) Following the appointment of Mike Pence to be his coronavirus czar, President Trump today described the steps already taken by him and his staff to prevent transmission of the deadly pathogen.

“I have protected my laptop from this horrible virus by disconnecting everything. Even bluetooth, folks. Even bluetooth.”

Trump thanked senior advisor Kellyanne Conway for helping him come up with the safety measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus, like not allowing PCs and laptops to be within 10 feet of each other, and urged all American to follow suit.

“Kellyanne is smart. So smart. Almost as smart as me.”

Trump recommends installing software to protect the laptops from the coronavirus as soon as possible, though he did have a word of admonishment for security companies like Norton and McFee.

“Your programs still don’t list coronavirus as something it can guard against. Why haven’t you developed a vaccine yet? Slow!”

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6 Comments on "President Trump Disconnects Laptop From Web To Protect It From Coronavirus"

  1. What’s really sad is there are people who will actually believe this, think he’s dumb and not vote for him because of it
    Anything they can think of, how sad

  2. A joke is a joke, we all have a sense of humor..but how come we are not laughing at what Democrats are choosing to represent their party? Bernie must be suffering from dementia!

  3. Does he realize he can catch it from twitter? He should quarantine himself for a few years, just until Pence gets this scourge under control.

  4. Its not true..jeez people

  5. This is incredibly funny

  6. What a idiot!!??

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