Punxsutawney Phil Refuses To Say If He Sees His Shadow Unless Spotify Removes Joe Rogan

(Punxsatawney, PA) The annual tradition of Groundhog Day has been thrown into chaos on the event of the event after famed rodent meteorologist Punxsutawney Phil said he will not say whether he sees his shadow or not unless Joe Rogan’s podcast is removed from Spotify.

The protest against Rogan began with musician Neil Young, whose songs have been removed in accordance with his request after Spotify refused to expel Rogan from the service. The protest has since been joined by numerous others, though Rogan – despite making some concessions – remains on the platform.

However, it’s unclear whether the streaming service can withstand the pressure being applied by Phil, as knowing whether there will be another six weeks of freezing their butts off is something the public are unlikely to be willing to go without.

Asked for comment on this latest protest against his podcast, Rogan said he would be more than happen to have Phil on his show to debate the issue.

“Let’s have a conversation, my furry friend.”

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