Record-Breaking Attempt For Biggest Gathering Of Losers Held In DC

(Washington, DC) The world record for the biggest ever gathering of losers was shattered today after a huge organizational effort paid off in the nation’s capital.

Officials from the Guinness Book of Records observing the attempt said that, though it remained to be formally certified, it was clear a new record had been set here today.

“In terms of both the quantity and quality of the participants, this gathering is without a doubt unsurpassed in the field of competitive loserdom.”

Though unable to participate as he was busy with a very important golf game, the holder of the title of biggest individual loser drove by to encourage the competitors. Commentators said it was a banner day all told.

“The sport of losing bigtime is truly experiencing a golden age.”


22 Comments on "Record-Breaking Attempt For Biggest Gathering Of Losers Held In DC"

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  4. trump for prison because fuck your feelings

  5. Trumpturds stop being trumper losers

  6. Well from what I’ve seen, even trumps own administration people,except the suck-ups all say,there in no evidence of fraud,they say it was the most secure election in history,so I think every one should just accept the results,and calm down!

  7. I wish people could open there eyes and use just a small percentage of your brains last 40 years o.k. 4 rep press and 2dem press o.k. so the Republican policy has led to 1 stock market crash 2 great recessions and 1 great depression and every time a democratic president has two turn are economy around AND THEY DO…

  8. Wow in a world thats gone crazy! TAKE ECTORAL VOTES AWAY!! TRUMP WON THE POPULAR VOTE. WHO WOULD VOTE FoR DEMENTA JOE.. democrapes are the crocked ones. But be kind we all have our opinions

  9. All this chaos and divide is due to one man!!! Why can’t the right see what’s happening here?

  10. Wow people are crazy, calm down


  12. We didn’t lose you cheated like the cowards you are. It’s not over yet and this has been a long time coming. Bring that antifa shit to Kentucky and we’ll see how tough you are. Just stay in your shit hole democrat run cities where your safe.

  13. The truth will make all of you fools eat your words. God will show you who the real losers are. Your example of 2016 is still fresh in our minds.

  14. Whats a shame is that he can’t take his loss like a real man!Stop acting like a big kid and move on! He has already made life unbearable for a lot of people!Now he is even tearing apart the White House! Everyone around the world is laughing at how this is being played out! Yes they are a bunch of lovers to think the can change the United States mind they have voted and spoken! It’s time to take the loss!

  15. There is only one thing you forgot to consider. KARMA!!!! “RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!!”

  16. The Perfect end to the Trump regime, in the perfect year.
    The Biggest LOSERS of 2020 !!!

  17. Why do you call them losers you know what your a loser they are winners it’s a shame of what people like you turned this country into if people don’t have the same views as you there made fun of called all kinds of names I Guess BLM Are losers too and antifa as well

    • Your one of the biggest idiots of 2020. You dumb ass Trumpers are nothing but lovers for supporting such a vile human that’s how the world knows all you Trump supporters are all full blown racists because at this point that’s all that fat ass orange turd has going for himself or his base. Die idiot

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