Refreshingly Diverse Group Of White Males Agree To Restrict Voting In Georgia

(Atlanta, GA) Georgia’s new voting law came into force today, prompting much outrage from those who say it seeks to limit voting freedoms to the GOP’s advantage. However the political effort was praised for its diversity, with a refreshingly broad coalition of different types of white male making up the group of seven present at a signing ceremony.

“There are short ones, tall ones, bald ones and even a lanky one with a full head of hair!”

Governor Kemp admitted that, in the past, only certain categories of white males held all the power, but today’s signing proved that things had changed.

“The era of only middle-aged rotund white males with balding pates being in charge of everything is well and truly over.”

He said he looks forward to a future in which white males of all hues of pink and degree of hirsuteness can aspire to limit the voting rights of their fellow Georgians.

“It doesn’t matter what type of white male you are, you cannot say you haven’t been represented here today.”

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