Republicans Prove Trump’s Not Racist By Producing 2nd Black Friend

During his no-holds-barred testimony to a a House Committee, former Trump attorney Michael Cohen accused his former client of being racist, among many other things.

However his accusation of racism was rendered ridiculous by House Republicans when they wheeled Lynne Patton into the chamber, who is a friend of the President and also a woman of color.

“Gotcha, Cohen!”

Republicans claimed that President Trump was doubly not racist, as he had not one but two black friends.

“Ben Carson anyone?”

A challenge by Elijah Cummings to produce a third black friend was dismissed as unreasonable.

“How many black friends do you want him to have. Jeez!”

2 Comments on "Republicans Prove Trump’s Not Racist By Producing 2nd Black Friend"

  1. What about everybody’s favorite cooning mammies, Diamond and Silk?

  2. virginia weaver | February 28, 2019 at 2:27 am | Reply

    But whatever happened to his best friend (during the campaign) Sheriff Clarke – you know, the guy with all the medals from Cracker Jack prizes that he festooned his uniform with?

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