Search For Kodiak The Missing Eagle Aided By Fact He Won’t Cross A River

(Pittsburgh, PA) Officials at the National Aviary on the city’s Northside said they are still trying to get Kodiak the Giant Eagle back days after he escaped the facility. But they say there are some factors to their advantage, given that Kodiak always abides by certain rules.

“Though he technically doesn’t need to use a bridge or a tunnel to cross a river he still won’t do it. He’s Pittsburgh through and through, that bird.”

Aviary staff were also able to narrow down his possible flight paths given what they know of his character.

“He’s definitely won’t fly in the direction of Cleveland or Baltimore, as even the perception that he might be headed to either of those places would mortify him.”

Currently they are scouring outdoor hot tubs in the North Hills, but they believe they have a strong lead should that fail.

“If we don’t locate him beforehand we’re pretty confident we’ll find him on Wednesday enjoying Banjo night at the Elk’s Club on Cedar Ave.”

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