Second Bus Called To White House For Trump To Throw Jeff Sessions Under

As it became clear how crowded it was getting underneath the bus President Trump uses to throw people under, White House Aides today worried they would not to able to accommodate Jeff Sessions given all the people already thrown under there.

“Jeff may be a little guy, but we’re still going to need a bigger bus.”

With Sean Spicer, Rod Rosenstein, Kellyanne Conway, James Comey, Reince Priebus, Steve Bannon, Anthony Scaramucci, Rex Tillerson, the late John McCain, all news media, and most of the world beyond the United States already under the bus, it is far from certain that there is room for any more.

“I guess you could squeeze Betsy DeVos under the bus at a pinch, but that’s about it.”

Instead, someone came up with the clever idea of calling in a second bus that would become the bus Trump threw people under as soon as the space under the first bus was full.

“We’ll just keep sending new ones as needed until people finally find the guts to throw Trump under something.”

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