Senator Loeffler Defends Her Actions “My portfolio could have died without immediate intervention”

Together with Senator Richard Burr, Senator for Georgia and Fox News Host impersonator Kelly Loeffler is being asked to resign for selling off stock before the crash after receiving a confidential briefing on how bad the coronavirus fallout would be. However she insists everything she did was purely to limit the death toll resulting from the deadly pathogen.

“My portfolio could have died without immediate intervention. That’s how serious this pandemic is.”

She warns other Republican colleagues to take the coronavirus crisis as seriously as she is.

“Maybe your portfolio is still somehow clinging to life despite your inaction. It could even recover in the coming months. But I urge you to protect it from the possibility of a second wave.”

Loeffler said she is already developing a plan to prevent that.

“We need to restore calm and encourage people go out and mingle and spend again to nurse our portfolios back to health. Then we unload them once we get advance notice of the second wave that brings the markets crashing down again.”

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14 Comments on "Senator Loeffler Defends Her Actions “My portfolio could have died without immediate intervention”"

  1. So your CRIMINAL DEFENSE is GREED? Is thatwhat you’re saying?

  2. Despicable scumbags who care only about their net worth; but don’t give the slightest shit about the Americans they were elected to serve.
    Should be tried and then hung in public as an example of what self serving traitors look like.

  3. The depth of dishonesty that capitalism breeds in people’s hearts and minds is nothing short of emetic! Let us hope that the Covid 19 pandemic will become the great leveller, unmasking the liars, the cheats, the thieves and the murderers… that we might deal with them accordingly!

  4. Jason Hathaway | March 24, 2020 at 4:41 pm | Reply

    My 401k portfolio got crushed. Why didn’t you warn me?…or everyone?
    You obviously think you are better than the “little people”! You need them to risk their lives to make you richer!

  5. Feinstein’s shares were in a blind trust that she had no control over, as Jenifer mentioned. She also wasn’t at that meeting, I believe. Burr and Loeffler were, and made the trades right after. They are guilty, Feinstein is not.

    • Feinsteins husband’s stocks are not in a blind trust. Do you honestly believe she doesn’t benefit from her husband’s dealings. Do you honestly believe she doesn’t discuss matters with him. This is how politicans get around the rules. Yes maybe their funds are in a blind trust but their childrens, spouses or other relatives and friends are not, you are pretty naive to think they don’t share info with them. If my spouse won the lottery tomorrow law says half is mine, so what ever monies her (Feinstein) husband makes law says half is hers. Look I don’t care what party they belong to, a crook is a crook and Feinstiens path is as crooked as the others

  6. Tommy Townsend | March 22, 2020 at 4:14 pm | Reply

    I also believe their was a very well know democrat involved in this named Diane Feinstein. They all should be forced to resign and face charges of insider trading.

  7. I believe Diane Feinstein is a Major Democrat…it’s the actual person themselves, not their political belief that makes them bad!!

  8. Thomas lodato | March 22, 2020 at 12:02 pm | Reply


  9. Well that is the problem. She got a briefing that the rest of us did not get and used that information for her own personal benefit. It is not hard to understand. This is why it is so important for elected official have blind trust where the detail choices are made by the trust officer by what information they are privy to. Many Senators do this but they are not required to. Lady it is simple and was very much part of the ethic rules that all Senators are required to follow. If she is to stupid to understand or read them, then the last place she should be is in Washington DC. You dont serve as a Senator to save your money. Instead you go into the Senate to make laws that are equal and benefit us all or those who need it.

  10. Typical republicans liars liars and liars all 4 the money!!

  11. Give them each a vile of COVID19 and have them make a choice…Return their earnings/donate it OR be injected with the virus.

  12. So are these republicans going to be investigated for dumping shares?

  13. So could mine you nitwit! That’s why I have a money manager that I trust. This way, I don’t have to break the law and then blame someone else. Can’t rust any Republicans! None of them!

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