Tom Price Resigns As Secretary For Evaluating Private Jet Service

The White House has announced that Tom Price has tended his resignation as head of the Department for Evaluating Private Jet Service, and that President Trump has reluctantly accepted it.

Trump paid tribute to Price’s brief tenure, especially the enthusiasm he brought to the job.

“No-one can deny Tom did his best to evaluate the quality of as many private charter flights as possible.”

Unfortunately, Secretary Price was a victim of his own success, with the public deciding that he had comprehensively demonstrated the excellent quality of private charter flights available for those with private wealth or access to public funds.

“He did such a great job he made himself redundant!”

So dedicated was Price he even went beyond the remit of his department, and also evaluated the suitability of military jets for overseas trips.

“We now know the answer is that they are highly suitable, thanks to the former Secretary’s hard work and devotion.”

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