Trump Warns He May Stop Working Too If Government Shutdown Occurs

Saying it was a last-ditch attempt to force lawmakers to reach a budget compromise, President Trump warned tonight that he might also stop working if a government shutdown is allowed to happen.

“I’ll stop slaving away for the American people if it happens. Believe me.”

Though intended to shame party leaders into trying harder, politicians from both sides of the aisle expressed confusion over the supposed ultimatum.

“So does that mean he’ll take more executive time, or less?”

Others worried about the optics at first, should Trump follow through on his pledge to not carry out his duties, until they asked themselves what optics there were to worry about.

“When he says he’ll ‘stop working’ does that mean he’ll refuse to hit the links at Mar-a-Lago as long as federal employees are furloughed, or what?”

The latest word from Capitol Hill is that the camaraderie generated by bipartisan amusement at the idea the President thinks he does any work appeared to generate some hope that a last-minute deal could be reached.

“I guess his ‘threat’ may work after all!”

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