Unconventional Teen Uses Laundry Pod To Clean Clothes

(Clarion, PA) Though he swears he never sought the attention, David H******n says he knew it was inevitable that his bizarre habits would bring him national attention one day.

“Using a Tide detergent pod to launder clothes is basically just asking for trouble.”

The Western Pennsylvania high-school freshman says doing the unexpected comes easily to him.

“I guess I’ve always been one to go against the grain.”

Despite relentless pressure from his peers to fit in by snorting, ingesting, or using the pod as a suppository, David says he felt compelled to go his own way.

“I did expose this white T-shirt to the pod, which was then thoroughly rinsed and is now in contact with my skin, if that counts.”

Despite extracting a promise from David to be more normal, his mother fears his wacky behavior will still be regarded as too ‘out there’, and he could be taunted at school.

“It’s difficult for me too, as I have to put up with all the other parents looking at me as the one who raised a freak.”

10 Comments on "Unconventional Teen Uses Laundry Pod To Clean Clothes"

  1. All you with your negativity…. blow it out your ass! He’s probably one of the few younger generations with common sense. He didn’t ingest it or anything.

  2. Get a job and go to work !!

  3. What did he do?

  4. Hang in there David, nice to see a teenager with common sense

  5. alberto Einsteinium | January 23, 2020 at 12:37 pm | Reply

    This seems like satire?

  6. I would be proud to have a son who is more normal I stead of doing stupid dangerous stunts.

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