White House Doctor Who Examined Trump To Undergo Cognitive Testing

White House doctor Ronny Jackson, who recently reported on the health of President Trump, is to undergo cognitive testing after colleagues became concerned about his health of late.

“He has recently appeared confused, prone to exaggeration, and detached from reality, which is all very much out of character.”

In addition to making ludicrous claims and ignoring the obvious, they say Jackson appears to be suffering from a rare form of numerical dyslexia.

“Like, for example, when you mean to say 329 but it comes out as 239.”

Their concern is not just limited to Dr. Jackson, as they have observed a number of individuals exhibiting the same cognitive decline, including former press secretary Sean Spicer and Chief of Staff John Kelly.

“Interestingly, they have all spent time at the White House, which leads us to believe there could be a highly contagious pathogen there that infects brain tissue and reduces it to mush.”

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